Don't Be Shy, Enter a Contest!

Fair-time is a great time to try something new and fun. Contests are geared for all ages and skill levels. Some are individual competitions, some are for parent (or grandparent) and child (even grown children are welcome). Contests are free to enter.

Sign up on site, first-come, first-served.

Egg Toss Contest - Indoor Arena #100

Saturday, August 27: 3:15pm Sign up/3:45pm Contest.   All Ages!  Up to 50 pairs.  Sponsored by Buzz Inn Steakhouse

Water Balloon Toss - Judging Arena #606

Tuesday, August 30: 12pm Sign up/12:15pm Contest.   Ages: 6-12yrs; 13-18yrs; 18+yrs

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest - Courtyard Stage #514

Thursday, September 1: 3:15pm Sign up/3:45pm Contest.  Under 10yrs; 11-15yrs; 16-30yrs; 31+yrs

Quarter in the Haystack - Ag. Area #260

Saturday, September 3: 2pm Sign Up/2:30pm Contest.  4&5yrs; 6&7yrs; 8-10yrs

Frisbee Throwing - Judging Arena #606

Sunday, September 4: 4pm Sign Up/4:30pm Contest.  6-8yrs; 9-12yrs; 13-17yrs; 18+yrs

Kid's Steer Roping Contest - Ag. Area #260

Monday, September 5: 4pm Sign Up/4:30pm Contest. 5-7yrs; 8-10yrs; 11-13yrs; 14-16yrs