Every year, the Evergreen State Fair chooses a fair theme to represent the family-friendly, educational experience the fair has to offer through a process of collaboration with community members, superintendents, and the Fair Advisory Board

Carnival ride in at night, bright neon lights next to a setting sun

2024 Evergreen State Fair Theme

Bright Lights, Summer Nights

So much more in 2024! 

Background to theme: 

This year’s theme is a nod to all things summer. Bright Lights, Summer Nights embodies everything that makes summer one of the best times of the year. From the excitement of the rising lights from a concert stage, that makes the crowd go wild in anticipation of their favorite artist, to a stroll with friends down the vibrantly lit midway. Or maybe being lucky enough to catch the sunset or fireworks show from the top of the Ferris wheel with someone special.  These moments are magical, and they make us feel alive.

For Snohomish County, The Evergreen State Fair is the last hurrah of summer. Soon kids will be back in school, there will be a chill to the air, and the leaves will start to turn. This is our chance to come together as a community, celebrate our rich history, and have 11-days of pure summer fun.

 Theme Colors
The color palette for the 2024 Evergreen State Fair is all about bright neon in contrast with a darker hue of blue and black.  Think electric contrast between the night sky and a brightly lit neon sign.  This palette evokes energy, excitement, playfulness, fun and a feeling of summer. 

Fair Artwork
Coming Soon!

Future Themes

Submissions for the 2023 Fair Theme have been closed. If you have any questions or would like to submit a theme idea for the 2024 Fair, please email Amy Craven, Marketing Specialist.