Every year, the Evergreen State Fair chooses a fair theme to represent the family-friendly, educational experience the fair has to offer through a process of collaboration with community members, superintendents, and the Fair Advisory Board.

2023 Evergreen State Fair Theme

Little Moments, Big Memories!

Making Memories for 114 years. 

Background to theme: 
Do you remember your first Fair? Your first concert or rodeo? Crowds clapping, cheering, and all the excitement hanging in the air. Maybe you remember the first time you entered something you made into the Fair and you can still feel the crisp ribbon in your hand. The first sight of a cow in the dairy barn and you learned that milk doesn’t just magically appear in a carton on the grocery shelf. Or maybe it's a special moment you shared with someone atop the Ferris Wheel or over a shared order of curly fries or an elephant ear. All these little moments take us back and we can hear the sounds, smell the smells, feel the happiness that they bring, like it was yesterday.

The Evergreen State Fair has been a part of making these memories for 114 years. We have brought entertainment, education and community together and given space for guests to have their little moments that have then turned into big memories. These memories and experiences often get passed down from generation to generation and become something that The Evergreen State Fair is well known for- tradition. 

Theme Colors
The color palette for the 2023 Evergreen State Fair is bright and vibrant. Like a very vivid summer dream. It reflects the fun nature of summer. The sweet pink of the cotton candy, the glowing lights of the midway, and the brilliant colors of the exhibits in the display hall. 

Fair Artwork
2023 Fair Theme artwork- Little Moments, Big Memories

Future Themes

Submissions for the 2023 Fair Theme have been closed. If you have any questions or would like to submit a theme idea for the 2024 Fair, please email Amy Craven, Marketing Specialist.