About The Fair

The Evergreen State Fair is held every year for 12 days with the final day of fair ending on Labor Day. We are proud to host an event that celebrates our rich agricultural culture, traditions and community. Come and wander the display halls, take in a concert, indulge in delicious Fair food, cheer on your favorite Demo Derby car, or feel the thrill of a carnival ride. At the Evergreen State Fair, there is something for everyone.

2021 Evergreen State Fair- To Fair, or not to Fair? That is the question.  

This past year has been a time of adaptation and clarity on what it means to be here for our beloved community.  We have observed guests coming to our grounds, not for entertainment, and fun, rather for COVID testing, vaccines, and other support services during these times.  We had not foreseen doing this type of work before 2020 and proudly switched gears to support it. We are honored that we became an essential resource for the residents and businesses in Snohomish County.  We are encouraged by the progress of introducing events back to the community.  We are staying optimistic that we will offer a Fair, but only metrics and guidelines will tell.

Planning and producing the Evergreen State Fair takes over a year of dedicated staff and volunteer time. Many components of the 12 days of fun and excitement are affected by COVID-19 restrictions.  As we work through what we can offer, please know that public health and safety will remain the center of all of our decisions.    

We will decide by May 1, 2021 on whether or not we can offer a 2021 Evergreen State Fair.  Tell everyone you know to cross your fingers and please check back with us on May 1!  

Thank you, for all  your continued support.  #fairstrong #backinthesaddleagain2021

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