Open Rides


Open Rides

This program is closed until Fall. The Equestrian park is currently hosting shows and will be busy during our annual Fair- August 25-September 6th.

You are booking a specific 2-hour Open Ride Session which during the winter season will take place in the Indoor Arena (100). During Spring and Summer, Open Ride sessions may be scheduled in the covered outdoor or uncovered outdoor arenas.

Cost is $10 per person (ages 18+)
Youth 17 and under are FREE.  Youth 17 and under MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian.

The following Open Ride rules apply:

  • No lessons or teaching
  • No Stallions, Racing, Lunging, Ponying, Green Horse Training
  • A maximum of 10 riders can register for each two-hour session
  • Participants MUST take home their horse manure. This simple act of courtesy is super critical for this program to continue.
  • There are no drop-ins or ability to pay at the Fair Park. Pre-registration is required prior to haul-in.
  • Please park in the north parking lot.

How to Register

Registration Link: Register Here!

Riders will need to sign up for an account to register.

YOU MUST register online prior to haul-in for your specific OPEN RIDE time. 

Questions or need to register over the phone call  425-388-6600.