Open Rides


Open Rides

Open Riding is available on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8am-8pm, and Mondays 2PM - 8PM,  now through July 2021 at the Evergreen State Fair Park in Monroe. More dates will be added after our Annual Evergreen State Fair.

You must reserve your 2-hour spots online. 

Open Ride is in the outside covered arena & lunging rings only

You MUST reserve your space online

Cost is $10 per person (age 18+)

Youth 17 and under FREE 

The same Open Ride rules apply (including but not limited to: No lessons or teaching, no stallions, etc).

Open Ride takes place in the outdoor Covered Arena (101) and Uncovered Arena (110).

Rules for Open Ride

  • Only 6 riders can register for each two-hour session 
  • You MUST take home your manure. This simple act of courtesy is super critical at trailheads AND in this case, in the arenas and fairground public areas.
  • There are no drop-ins or ability to pay at the Fair Park. You must register prior to haul-in.

How to Register

Registration Link:

Riders will need to sign up for an account to register.

Take care to register for the day/2-hour timeslot you want as they are *not* in order on the registration link in some cases (be sure to scroll to the bottom to see ALL timeslots.   

YOU MUST register online or over the phone at 425-388-6600 to haul-in for your specific OPEN RIDE time.