Dog Park at The Fair Park

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Winter Dog Park at the Evergreen State Fair Park

We are excited to partner with the City of Monroe to offer the dog park again for the 2023-24 winter.  The winter dog park is an off-leash dog park located at The Evergreen State Fair Park. Come exercise your furry friends under the cover of our Judging Arena, # 606.

Where: The Judging Arena #606 • Enter off of Cascade View Dr. from HWY 2, Park in the Yellow parking lot and walk your dog to the Judging Arena across from the Event Center. Please keep your dog on a leash while outside of the dog park and remember to pick up after your pet. 

When: October 9 - FEB 29, 2024 from Dawn to Dusk (dates subject to change) 
CLOSED on the following dates:
NOV 17-19
NOV 23-24
DEC 23-25
JAN 15
FEB 19

Rules for Off Leash Dog Area (OLDA)

  • An OLDA is a fenced section, within a park, where dogs may run free. Dogs must be on a leash in all other areas of the park. Leashes must not exceed 8 feet.
  • Park & OLDA hours are Dawn—Dusk.
  • Owners of dogs in the OLDA must be present at all times and maintain vocal control of dogs.
  • No sick dogs allowed. All vaccinations must be up to date.
  • No dogs in heat allowed.
  • No puppies under 6 months allowed.
  •  No dogs with a history of dangerous or aggressive behavior (e.g. biting/fighting). Dogs that do shall be leashed and removed immediately, with the possibility of permanent eviction.
  • Dog owners must scoop. Dispose of waste in proper receptacles—not the bushes!
  • OLDA visitors enter at their own risk. Owners are responsible and liable for their actions as well as the actions of their children and dogs.
  • Owners shall fill holes dug by their dog.
  • As a courtesy to other visitors, owners shall control excessive barking.
  • Owners are responsible for providing their dog drinking water. To avoid spread of illness, do not share water bowls.
  • In case of emergency, call 911.

Questions? Please Contact us at 360-805-6700 (M-F, 8:30am -4pm)

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