Fair Time Speedway Events

Jake Campbell - 190825_Evergreen_State_Fair_2875
Aug 25th Krashfest

Enjoy the roar of the Monster Trucks, the thrill of the Demo Derby or the speed of the race cars as part of our Grandstand Fair-time Events! 

Check out all that is happening on our Grandstand Events Page!

For the regular Evergreen Speedway Races, please visit their website.

Notice To Secondary Ticket Buyers

As the summer event season approaches, The Evergreen State Fairgrounds reminds our customers of the importance of purchasing event tickets from authorized sources:

  • If you purchase tickets from secondary ticket vendors (often called “resellers”), you may pay substantially more than if you had purchased directly from the Fair or the Fair’s authorized ticketing source.
  • The Fair does not guarantee tickets purchased from unauthorized ticket resellers. This means that if a ticket is counterfeit or has been resold multiple times, you may end up with a duplicated ticket barcode that has already been validated, thus invalidating the ticket for you.
  • The Fair does not honor, replace or refund invalid tickets. Your confirmation receipt is a valuable tool, so retain your electronic and in-person purchase receipts until the event has taken place.

Tickets available at etix.com Etix is the official ticket seller of the Evergreen State Fair.