Clean Air Fair

Clean Air Fair Policy
For the health and safety of both visitors and employees, The Evergreen State Fair is proud to be a Clean Air Fair! This means no smoking, vaping, electronic cigarettes, use of marijuana or tobacco products will be allowed within the fence line of the Fairgrounds or within 25 feet of the entrances during the annual 12-day Fair.

The Evergreen State Fair is Snohomish County’s largest family-friendly event and we want to be part of sustaining a healthy future for our kids.


  • Washington State Legislature (RCW 70.160.030) “No person may smoke in a public place or in any place of employment.”
  • Washington State Legislature (RCW 70.160.075) “Smoking prohibited within twenty-five feet of public places or places of employment.”
  • Washington State Bill (6328 Section 3) “No political subdivision may regulate the use of vapor products in outdoor public places, unless the public place is an area where children congregate, such as schools, playgrounds, and parks.”

No smoking signs will be clearly placed at all entrances and in common places throughout the Fairgrounds.

Thank you for your cooperation and support of this initiative!

Clean Air Fair