Marketing & Sponsorship

The Evergreen State Fair could not provide all the quality elements our Fair has to offer without the partnership of our many sponsors. If you are interested in helping support our focus on farming, youth education and growing local foods and business contact us about a sponsorship today!

We understand that every sponsor is unique which is why we create custom sponsorship packages for every sponsor. Being a sponsor of the Evergreen State Fair is a great way to show our community you care and want to be part of a lasting legacy. We look forward to partnering with you!

About Our Events:

Name of the Event The Evergreen State Fair
Type of Event Ranked #1 in Washington County Fairs
Ranked #24 in average daily attendance nationally*
Our attendance: 348,628 
*Source: MCW – carnivalwarehouse.com
Dates The 2017 Fair: August 24 – September 4 (Labor Day)
Location Monroe, Washington (25 miles north of Seattle)
Participants Open to the general public for the full day, 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Attendance / Fair Estimated at 40,000 on weekend days; 349,000 for the 12 days
Demographics Gender: Female: 57%; Male; 39%; 4% did not respond
Age: 0 - 15: 13%; 16 - 28: 22%; 39 - 40: 20%; 41 – 55: 25%; 56 - 70: 14%; 71+: 3%
Media How did you hear about the Fair: Radio 16%; TV 16%; Newspaper 16%; Fair Program/Poster 20%; Friend 40%; Website/Social Media 12%


Marketing & Sponsorship

  1. For more information, please contact:

    Brielle- Sponsorship & Marketing
    Marketing Specialist
    Phone: 360-805-6704

    Marketing Assistant
    Phone: 360-805-6786

    Marketing Assistant
    Phone: 360-805-6149

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